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With release of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 there is one more good news for players that there is no more pre-order exclusive required to grab the official Goku Black.

Initially, According to Bandai, Goku Black was meant to be Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 pre-order exclusively. For some of the fans, it was ok. But some people were not happy with this, but now, not happy fans, good news for you!!!

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Saiyan Island said that it does not matter anymore whether you were pre-order the game or not, you will get official Goku version. So, don’t worry about the pre-ordering game anymore.

After getting so many complaints and suggestions about pre-ordering, the studio finally decided to remove advance booking of the game to make its customers happy and satisfied. One more thing to notice here is, Dragon Ball lovers will have to wait for some more time after the game’s release which doesn’t seem to be good news for players who waited for a long time.

To attract more customers and to satisfy them at the same time, developers of this game provided some interesting things to their customers. As there were some customers, who were not happy with the previous installations, the company has put Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta as a part of their upcoming title’s in-disc roster.

Goku Black will introduce Super Saiyan, but Dragon Ball is not showing any interest in introducing Super Saiyan, The Bitbag reported. So, Goku Black will only show Saiyan’s base version skills. Though Saiyan is newly introduced a character, its addition will show uplift to the title.

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