pokemon go cheats

This game is a global phenomenon and has attracted people to develop various cheat codes. Although Niantic has taken the initiative of banning players that are found using third party applications and such, it has not entirely stopped them from looking for similar means of help. One of the more famous ones and a highly dependable tracker application is PokeVision which recently received the boot from Pokemon GO developers along with several others.

Much to Niantic’s dismay. A new application similar to Poke vision has surfaced which is considered to be much better than the latter. It has been named as ‘WhereIsPokemon’ and serves as a map and filter for catching rare Pokemon. It works similar to Poke radar but with the advantage of being more accurate. It is also difficult to track by Niantic as it does not need an API and works as a map instead.

The new Pokemon GO Update 0.37 has shown the door to players using rooted devices. It is also unclear how long the older version, 0.35, will continue to work on rooted devices. This update includes Buddy Pokemon feature and also Pokemon Go plus support which is a wearable accessory that will help players track Pokemon and poker stops. It can be considered a good update by players with non-rooted devices while it is nothing short of a nightmare for those who have rooted devices. It is also highly possible that Niantic will block people from running pre v0.37 soon.


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