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No Man’s Sky the game has had its fair share of being in the bottom bunch, especially since it was known to have false advertisements and not delivering the features that were promised, but now they have improved in an attempted to clean up their stained track record.

In a statement from GameRant, No Man’s Sky has had an “overwhelmingly negative” title as per the Steam reviews the game gathered, and the development team has had seemingly never-ending complaints and players voicing out their frustrations with the game.

The game promised to be a different kind of space adventure experience but it did not deliver, No Man’s Sky quickly became a target of hatred and disappointment. For a game that sported a $60 price tag, fans seem to think that the game does not live up to its price. In the game’s last review, only about 12% were positive reviews.

When the game’s trailer was released at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, many thought that it will be a big hit, to be honest, the trailer looked promising and many gamers felt the need to pop out their wallets and buy the game upon release, but sadly that did not happen. Instead, the game turned out to be a big disappointment rather than a big hit. All this negativity is also staining Hello Game’s other game, Dual Universe, the said game is already getting some bad remarks in Kickstarter.

Whether or not No Man’s Sky can recover from the dark abyss that their reputation has been launched to, is quite unknown, perhaps it is in the hand of the development team how they will handle such a situation?



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