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No Man’s Sky was one of the most-anticipated games since its trailer was released, it looked so promising that fans immediately wanted the game to be finished with the development phase and to be up on sale. The sky-high anticipation for the game equates to the epic disappointment it turned out to be. Did Hello Games admit that No Man’s Sky is a mistake? and that there would no longer be VR in the future of the game?

According to Hello Games, their Twitter account was hacked, causing tweets to be made and there was one saying that “No Man’s Sky was a mistake”. Along with this, there have been reports that their office has abandoned ship because of all the negative review that their supposedly great game reeled in since its release last August.

All this definitely brings the company and their game into a dire situation, which causes a speculation that the possibility of VR being implemented into the game is sky-high. After the hacked Twitter account fiasco, Hello Games said that the “No Man’s Sky was a mistake” was the work of a hacker and that their servers were penetrated as well. Even as Sean Murray attempted to explain what happened, he did keep quiet about the VR issue.

According to Cinemablend, the hacker is most likely a “disgruntled employee” who also sent out emails calling the game they worked hard for, a mistake. No Man’s Sky is currently priced at $60 and many believe that it is not worth that price at all, gamers are hoping that Hello Games will improve their piece and deliver all that was promised during the development stages of the game, especially the multiplayer feature that would really seem great in a space exploration game.


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