Nintendo’s Switch reaches a new height as its president retires

Nintendo unleashed its earnings for the 2017 fiscal year which means that there is a whole new bunch of interesting new sales numbers to know about. To start with, the gaming company has sold 17.79 million units worldwide now as of March 31, which is more than the Wii U has sold in its lifetime, with around 68.97 million software units shipped around the same period.

The company predicts that it will be able to sell 20 million more Switch units this fiscal year and around 100 million games in the same period. This figure is a lot and speaks about Nintendo’s strong ambition this year, which makes sense given the fact that a new Smash Bros. game is soon going to be launched.

Apart from this, the company announced that Tatsumi Kimishima, Nintendo’s president who took the position of Satoru Iwata after his death, will be retiring on June 28. Kimishima will be replaced by Shuntaro Furukawa, who previously had held high level titles in marketing and corporate planning among others. Furukawa, 46, joined Nintendo in the year 1994. The present Nintendo of Europe president, Satoru Shibata has also stepped down to a senior position at Nintendo headquarters in Japan. The news about replacement is not yet been announced.

Furukawa became the Outside Director for ‘The Pokemon Company’ in the year 2012. Next, he took the position of general manager of corporate planning in 2015 and later became the director, supervisor of corporate analysis & administration and managing executive officer in June 2016. In 2016, he was appointed as Nintendo’s global marketing team in-charge.

Coming back to the company’s earnings report, Nintendo said that during the fiscal year ended March 31, it has shipped 15.05 million Switch units. In that period of time, the company sold 10.41 million Super Mario Odyssey copies while Mario Kart 8 Deluxe ahs sold 9.22 copies. Splatoon 2 sold 6.02 million copies on the Switch during the fiscal year. The Switch has 12 games which have sold over 1 million units.

During the fiscal year, the 3DS sold 6.40 million units with the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon selling 7.51 million units. Till date, the 3DS has sold 72.53 million copies with around 364.89 million games sold.

Overall, Nintendo’s sales for the 2017 fiscal year ended March 31 came up sharply from last year with ¥1.05 trillion. Moreover, the operating profit of the company was 177.5 billion yen, which is also a significant upraise from last year.


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