Nintendo Switch Release Date
(Credits : Youtube)

The Nintendo Switch is officially happening although there is yet to be an official release date announced by Nintendo. It is yet to be known how the new console will perform in the gaming market, however, the new Mario game may just increase the console’s chance of success.

As for the games that will be available to play in the Nintendo Switch is also unknown for now since nothing has been officially announced other than the fact that the Nintendo Switch is going to materialize sometime in the future. The Mario game franchise does have a huge chance of being one of those games for Nintendo Switch since it was seen in the game’s trailer. Both are actually expected to hit the market sometime in 2017.

Speaking of the trailer, the Mario game that was featured in the trailer seems a bit different from your regular Mario game. There is still that chance that Mario’s presence in the trailer of Nintendo Switch might not mean anything at all.

The reason Nintendo is very secretive about anything that has to do with the Nintendo Switch is to avoid copycats. So far, what is known about the Nintendo Switch is that it has a unique build allowing the user to detach the controllers and screen, making this new console easy to play regardless of location.

Nintendo Switch’s performance the market, once it goes live, is still vague, one of the biggest factors to determine the console’s fate is the games that will be playable, and if Mario is indeed one of those games, it may attract more users to the Nintendo Switch. Some other titles that are involved with Nintendo are the epic classic Legend of Zelda and there is also Donkey Kong, let us hope to see these titles make a comeback along with the Nintendo Switch one it is released in 2017.


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