Nintendo Entertainment System

Despite all the increasing sales and money orders, Nintendo is ready to shut its manufacturing off. This news hit the media when it was announced that there will be no shipments for NES classic after this month. It proved a nightmare to some.

Scandinavia, no more stock coming for this year after April from Nintendo.

The authorities announced that they had discontinued NES classic in North America.

Although the third party for the dealings will continue to manufacture. They will have their individual orders and supplies.

The founders of Nintendo Entertainment System; NES stated that NES was never an on-going project for them. Although it gained a lot of popularity worlwide and is ready to rock the business tables. Hence, all these factors apart the Nintendo holders are clear about their content NO MORE SHIPMENTS AFTER APRIL. 

Nintendo Entertainment Systema became a popular product of 2016 with a sale of 1.5 million.

$60 miniature was hard to see on the shelves as soon as after it was released.

In conclusion of all that over all reviewing the product gained popularity in the market and continuing of this ale would be beneficial.

Till now, it is not clear whether NES Famicom will also be discontinued or not. It is still not confirmed whether in Europe will also face a shut up call or not. But they are currently done with North America.


 Supply of Nintendo Entertainment Systems went upto best buy’s website on March 29,2017- sold in minutes.

President Reggie-Flis-Aime admitted to “marketplace disconnect”. Ignoring the increasing demand the President is very firm at its decision.

The NES Classic news comes as the Nintendo Switch also continues to sell out quickly at most retailers, a situation that Gamestop expects could last through the end of the year. Nintendo is reportedly doubling its rate of Switch production from 8 million to 16 million units for the calendar year in light of that demand.