Every time a big company like Square Enix announces a new game, gamers all around the world go crazy. After all, they have given us some of the most remarkable titles out there. Whether it is for computer, PlayStation, Xbox or any other, this company has managed to blow our minds multiple times in the past. And now they are doing it again.

A new game is on its way

The new title by Square Enix, NieR Automata was announced and the truth is that, we can barely keep our excitement. The game is going to be only for the PlayStation 4 console and if we are to believe what we know so far, this game is going to definitely be one of the most amazing things that will come to us during 2017. According to the company, the game is going to be released for people all around the world on 7 March 2017.

Now, we all know that, there are certain gamers just like you out there that might actually not be willing to wait that long. Well, for all of you, we are more than delighted to announce that, a demo of this particular game is going to be available for a free download, soon, on the PlayStation store. This is just going to give you a small taste of what it is going to feel like to annihilate huge armies of machines trying to invade the world, before you get the actual game on your hands.

A demo at the end of the month

For those of you who have may never heard of this particular game before then, you need to check out the demo, the moment it comes out. It is an action RPG game and it is growing to be one of the most expected titles for 2017. Now, if you are not completely sure that you will enjoy the genre of the game the only thing you have to think about is the company giving it to you.

Square Enix, just like every other company out there has had both good and bad moments. After all, who can say that they were never failed by a game developing company. However, if we are keeping score, this particular company has actually given us some amazing titles. Titles like Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Hitman, Lara Croft and many others.

Great titles to keep you exited

You have definitely heard of all of these games and you have most likely played at least one of them. So, you can understand exactly why we are suggesting that, the new NieR Automata will truly be a title that will surprise many of us and give us some pretty amazing moments playing it.

If you want more information on exactly how the game is going to look, when the demo is going to come out and of course, what we can expect from the actual game when it is released then, you can feel free to check out the official website of the company. All of the social media will also be able to provide you with enough information.

Follow the social media

By following the company’s Twitter account you will most certainly be able to fulfil your craving for new information. However, if we are to take some time and think about the way this company operates then we can definitely tell you that, you will not be getting a lot of information until the actual game is released. After all, Square Enix is well known for being the kind of company that loves to keep the fans wanting more.

So just be patient, wait until the end of this month or perhaps the next one until you get the demo in your hands, enjoy it as much as possible and we can guarantee that, before you even know it, you will find yourselves not being able to wait for the actual game to come out. This is going to be an experience like no other. Make sure that you will give this gift to yourselves.

For more information about the demo, the release date of the game and of course reviews and previews, stay tuned. After all, the more information you have the more likely you are to enjoy the game even more.