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The Stanley Cup Playoffs is scheduled to begin on Wednesday. The playoffs would open with Tampa Bay Lightning will play against Detroit Red Wings at 7 pm.

The first round is expected to be full of fun and excitement keeping in mind past performances and exciting playoffs of the players.

Let us look at what NHL predicts about the event and the reason behind their opinions.

Philadelphia Flyers VS Washington Capital

Most of the onlookers are expecting the Capitals to be the winners. They say that Barry Trotz’s team is talented and can easily overwhelm the Flyers. The Flyers are going to be a poor match against Capitals even with their strong playoffs and finishing. Flyers would give Capitals a run for their goal however the Capitals would not let another frst round disappointment.

Detroit Red Wings VS Tampa Bay Lighting

The opinion about the conclusion of the match is mixed. Some are predicting Lightings success while others are suggesting Red Wings would win over Lightings. Looking at the injuries Lightingis suffering from, one can easily predict Red Wings success. But we all know the talent Lightings possess is far more for Red Wings to win. Lightings are gifted for goal tending and this may pose a problem for Red Wings. Past experience and practice also supports Lightings over Red Wings.

New York Islanders VS Florida Panthers

For this event, analysts give a single verdict. The winner of the match would be Panthers only. Florida has skills a lot to work towards a winning position over New York Islanders. New Yorkers have gathered unknown on their side and this can be alarming for them. This fact coupled with a stronger mix of players   on Panther’s side means Panthers success.

Nashville Predators VS Anaheim Ducks

most rankers are favoring Ducks over Predators. Both teams will fight for scoring chances but Ducks’ offensive attack is going to make them a winner.

Los Angeles Kings Vs San Jose Sharks

The analysts provide a mixed opinion. They say both teams have chances to outrun other.

New York Rangers VS Pittsburgh Penguins

Penguins appear to be the favorites of rankers. Ryan McDonagh’s injury has weakened the chances of Rangers’ winning the event. The time at last has come for Penguin to repay the matches they have played with Rangers and got eliminated in past two years. From their performance it is apparent that Ranges are out of their form in the whole season. At the same time Penguins are winning their games one after the other.

Minnesota Wild VS Dallas Stars

For this game Stars are favored by almost all of the predictors. Stars are unstoppable with Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin playing on their side. Aggressive style shown by Stars earns them better score than Wilds’. Wilds are not expected to make much use of Stars’ weakness on defense strategies.

Chicago Blackhawks VS ST. Louis Blues

Most of the analysts are on Blues side. They say that the match will full of thrill with both teams capable and energetic to win. The teams are equals and the match can overturn at any spot.

The event is going to be one of its kinds with all teams playing at their highest to get the winning position.


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