NFL season 2016
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Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady were expected to watch the game because of the hamstring injury. Don’t know the reason but left tackle Nate Solder and right guard Jonathan Cooper is also absent from the game.

Change in plans occurs for the start of the season. Now in the first week, Shaun Hill is going to start at QB. With this change, Bradford is expected to be in the game in the second week against division rival Green Bay.

Fisher (coach of Los Angeles) had already made his mind with an upcoming question about the change in selection chart of players. But his solid answer caused a stream of silence on all questions. As a result of this change Wentz position become strong because Sam Bradford was shifted to Vikings team.

Detroit Lions are going to be in with a contract that will last for many years. The main root of this contract is the extension of their voluntary members of NFL class. Sam Martin is in under the process of four-year extension up to 2020, most expectedly this deal will finalize today. By NFL, report Martin is going to have $14.6 million extensions, in which $1 million is added as incentives. With this extension, he is going to be in line with third highest paid punter Andy Lee in NFL. Theo Riddick is also going in the contract of three years whose worth is $12.75million. We can assume the situation by analyzing the contract of two prominent figures of lion’s team Martin and Riddick, which are now backbone for their team.


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