Newly Crowned Champion Brandon Hendrickson Dreams About a Title in Two Divisions

Brandon Hendrickson is a great bodybuilder with a proportional body and great shredded muscles. He knows how to present himself in the best way. Brandon was very graceful when posing during the latest competition. Every time he appeared on the stage the sports society noticed his special charisma and great preparation.

All these features allowed Brandon to become the best one in the Men’s Physique Division. It was the first victory of such meaning in the career of the young and very ambitious sportsman. Brandon’s army of fans has doubled, he got the desired fame and attention that is so wanted for any competing bodybuilder.

Sports fans were greatly interested to see Brandon on the stage again and to know if his ambitions are strong enough to defeat his champion title. However, it looks like the sportsman is dreaming about something more unusual than repeating his great result again.

Hendrickson made his fans wonder, telling he prepares to compete in Classic Physique Division. The idea to become a champion of two divisions looks very attractive to the bodybuilder.

Fans of the sportsman have opposite ideas about Hendrickson’s decision. Some of them appreciate the bald decision of the sportsman, supporting his intentions. However, there are some who think it’s simply not wise to leave the Men’s Physique Division having a great chance to win again and a huge potential to become a legendary representative of the division.

It looks like a coach of the sportsman is among those who don’t really support his new idea. He asked the bodybuilder to postpone his competing in the Classic Physique Division and to defend his victory in the current division, proving everyone that Brandon is worth his title.

Insiders have already informed that Brandon liked his coach’s advice. However, the sportsman is not going to deny his dream about becoming a champion of two divisions and will come back to it next year.

The sports experts have already reacted to the news, telling that Hendrickson has a chance to get a good position in both divisions. However, if he is going to win, he has to work very hardly and to be ready to meet strong competitors like Chris Bumstead and Breon Ansley.

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