New Skylanders Imaginators
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The shocking cancellation of Disney Infinity earlier this spring gave the toys-turned-games franchises a little less emphasis. At this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo their lack of presence noticed, the company decided to reveal more about their Skylanders 2016 release of today. Skylanders Imagination will flood the market with its new and improved technology allowing avid gamers to create their creatures with all the features and looks they find the most value in, doing what no other game has been able to do before.

The Story Line behind Skylanders Imaginators:

From Doom station in Skylanders Superchargers to Skylander Imaginators, Kaos is back with an unstoppable force to once again terrorize Skyland. This time, Koas is smarter than ever, realizing the only way to fight unstoppable forces is by using another unstoppable force. What this means for all our Skylanders Imaginators players with a rough translation Kaos will not be creating his entire team of evil-doers to directly battle. He calls these creations the Doomlanders.

Festive Skylanders Imaginators Release Date:

Activision remains faithful to the capitalization of the festive season and holiday cheer as they have each year with Skylanders releases. 2016 release will be no different with The Skylanders Imaginators being perfectly timed as a holiday stocking must have and late fall gift.

Users have three Skylanders Imaginators release dates to consider. Our North American gamers will only have access as of the 16th October a little later than our other users. On 13th October our Asia-Pacific shoppers will be able to purchase the new Skylanders Imaginators, and European players will have access to buy this fantastic game on Friday the 14th October.

Official Trailer:


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