The Titan Games is a new NBC game show, the first official trailer of which has aired on TV and on the Instagram page of Dwayne Johnson earlier this week.

The premiere of the show is set on the 2nd of January, so all fans of The Rock should be very optimistic about it.

Not many shows are expressing strength currently, except for the recent American Grit show hosted by John Cena and American Ninja Warrior, where we could see serious gymnastic and climbing challenges. However, The Titan Games seems to be on another level.

Johnson is one of the show producers together with Arthur Smith, who is the American Ninja Warrior producer as well.

Who knows, the show could be the 2019 version of American Gladiators. You can check the Instagram preview video of Dwayne Johnson below.

The NBC has written the description of the show as follows:

Inspired by Dwayne Johnson’s desire to motivate global audiences to reach their potential both mentally and physically, this inspiring new athletic competition series offers everyday people the opportunity to step inside the Titan arena and achieve the impossible. Every episode, six contenders compete against one of six reigning Titans.

They will be challenged in incredible head-to-head battles designed to test the minds, bodies, and hearts of our competitors. Sheer brute strength won’t be enough. If a contender rises to the occasion and defeats one of the Titans, they take their place and join the elite Titan group. But once one becomes a Titan, they must be victorious every week to keep their spot. In the epic season finale, the Titans battle it out against one another in the hope of becoming the last male and female standing.

The strength sports have created a big boom recently, so this show can attract more people to the idea of becoming physically active and training.




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