The 2019 Arnold Sports Festival took place in Columbus, Ohio last weekend. 22,000 athletes and more than 200,000 spectators attended the Expo.

Strongman competitions got more attention than any others. Hafthor Bjornsson took the first place at   the 2019 Arnold Strongman Classic. Martin Rye though made the history at the Arnold Disables Strongman competition and broke his previous seated deadlift world record.

Tye set up a world record when completing the 1.102lb seated deadlift back in December. Thanks to that lift, Martin sealed his name forever in the strongman history. But Tye managed to break his own record that time.

At the Arnold Disabled Strongman competition, the seated deadlift was the second event. Tye deadlifted 900lbs for his first attempt and called it a “safe lift” on his Instagram page. For the second time, Tye deadlifted 1.105lbs on the bar, which no human has ever lifted from the floor.

The Instagram video by Tye says: “Second Deadlift. This is for the new world record of 501 kg, lifting more than any human has ever lifted before.”

After becoming first in the seated deadlift and setting a new world record, Tye won the competition and became first in three of the four events.

At the 2018 Arnold Disabled Strongman competition, Tye was second behind Mark Smith. This year, he showed an amazing performance.




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