The architecture blog Urbanfile has shared some new pictures today from which it can be depicted that the construction at Apple’s upcoming amphitheater store at Milan in Italy is nearing completion.

Apple Piazza Liberty would be the 17th retail store of the company in Italy and the first to embrace fully the idea of Apple stores as the modern town squares. The company’s plan regarding the ambitious project was reported in last January and the construction works started shortly after.

Unlike most of the new retail projects, Apple has not refrained from expressing their enthusiasm regarding the forthcoming store, putting up a teaser website with design renderings and calling attention to the public gathering space of the store and fountain at last fall’s iPhone X keynote.

When it is completed, the company hopes to make the historic plaza the best place to meet friends, relax, and watch a summer movie. Like the Apple Fifth Avenue in the New York City, the complete sales area of the store is located underground. Unique to the Piazza Liberty, however, is the entryway, where the visitors would descend in between two towering walls of water.

The pictures shared today depict the structure of the fountain in a nearly complete state, having been shrouded by a temporary structure created over the entirety of the plaza for over a year. The architectural models created by Foster + Partners show as to how the interior of the store would look when it is complete.

As per the reports, Apple is currently headed back to the classroom in order to try and improve its marks with the educators. At an event at the Lane Tech College Prep High School, the company is expected to introduce a new lower-priced iPad in a bid to get the students and the school administrators, to begin thinking Mac again.


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