Saturday, July 24, 2021

New Motivational Video With Ronnie Coleman Has Become a Real Hit

Ronnie Coleman is one of the greatest bodybuilders and a living motivation for many. Every sportsman or a bodybuilding fan knows Ronnie and his incredible story.

Coleman has become a symbol of modern bodybuilding era and that golden standard that any Olympia participant is struggling to reach.

Now, when a severe back disease made the mass monster out of the competition, he’s still an idol for millions.

Once Ronnie told a great phrase that became a true motivation and a reflection of his life philosophy: “Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder but no one wants to lift heavy ass weights.” Ronnie has always been the one ready to lift weight and to work incredibly hard.

Even now after several surgeries, fighting his massive pains, Ronnie goes to the gym and exercise. Coleman will stay an Olympia king even after many years after stopping his career and it looks like the king will never be dethroned.

Ronnie Coleman is that special sports character that can motivate you to stand up and exercise. Everything in his life is a motivation: his way from one of the worst Olympia participants to the greatest man in the history of the sport, his life philosophy, the way he trains and the way he speaks about the sport. Even now fighting his disease, Ronnie gives hope and inspiration to other people.

Varyjer Motivation created an inspirational video with a Ronnie Coleman being its central character. The short video works really great for those who are looking for another source of motivation and energy. It will also become interesting for those who are found of Coleman’s life and his image in the sport’s history.

Check the trending motivational video with Ronnie.

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