New MacBook Pro 2016
(Credits : Youtube)

After the release of iPhone Line, the Apple user is looking forward to the release of MacBook Air in the month of October as most of the Laptop Brands release their product in the month of October. In response to a MacBook fan, the CEO Tim Cook replied,” I love the Mac, and we are very committed to it. Stay Tuned.” The CEO is purely committed to the release of MacBook at the end of this year the Apple might face a lot of queries if the Mac is not released because of this year, is the year of MacBook queries and rumors.

Certain reports and rumors also show us that the release of MacBook is not possible at the end of this year. But in less than a month, the fans might know what the Apple company is up to despite the fact that the rocket sale of MacBook Pro is still in the news and how Apple manages the release of New MacBook Air.

The Company might reveal the New MacBook Air as Thanks, Giving is approaching and might boom its sale as well.

But up till now, there is no Specs information for the New MacBook Air in the market but rumors says it might be slimmer and more powerful than its previous models. Nevertheless, Apple hasn’t released any news about its new product till now.

We will not update any false news about the release, but we can promise an immediate news on the New MacBook Air as soon as possible. Recent reports claim that it may be released in October.



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