New Log Press Record: Rob Kearney Lifted 475lbs!

Time to celebrate the new American log press record! Rob Kearney lifted the 475lbs (215.8 kg) log and became the new record-holder. Rob told us how it was to become the best log presser in the USA.

Insanely strong, very hardworking, and a bit freaky – this is how we know Rob Kearney. He’s one of the strongest men in the world. And, since recently, the best log presser in the USA. Rob started his career years ago. Yet he always knew that his destiny was to be the best!

Rob never trusted in great genetics or a good chance. Hard work is the only key to success. That’s how Rob has always believed. And that worked! A few years ago Rob decided being one of the strongest is not enough. He wanted to stand out.

Every sportsman dreams of becoming a record-holder. Rob Kerney is not an exception. He has always been a talented log lifter. Now he’s officially better than all log lifters in the USA. The record was registered on the 4th of June 2020.

Rob couldn’t hide his emotions. He was happy and excited. A few days after the record was registered, Rob shared his impressions. “It is certainly a moment I won’t forget!! Weeks of hard work went into this lift.”, – he wrote. Rob admitted that he wouldn’t reach his level without the support of his coaches and spouse.

Before Rob Kerney started his YouTube channel. There he showed how he trained to break the record. Exercises, nutrition plan, and daily motivation, – the sportsman hid nothing. That was definitely a fair victory!

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