A man from New Jersey is now fighting for his life after contracting flesh-eating bacteria while he went for crabbing in Maurice River at Matt Landing, as per reports.

The 60 year old, Angel Perez started complaining of swelling and acute pain in his arms and leg just a few hours after he returned back home on July 2. His family noticed small blisters and scars breaking out on his entire body and that all of his limbs began swelling and changed color.

The family immediately rushed him to the Cooper University Hospital where Perez is listed in critical condition, as per reports.

His daughter, Dilena Perez-Dilan later informed NJ.com that her father contracted a virus called Vibrio necrotizing fasciiti, a kind of flesh eating bacteria which a person can contract in the summer months by getting into salty water. The bacteria is even more dangerous for those people who have a weak immune system, just like Perez, who already has Parkinson’s disease, making him more vulnerable to the deadly infection.

Perez-Dilan further said that the infection has already spread across her father’s blood and the skin and that his arms have turned blackish. She said that Perez is now admitted in the ICU where he is battling for his life, while the doctors treating him are still deciding and waiting to see whether he responds back to antibiotics before they amputate potentially all of his limbs.

Perez-Dilan further warned the crabbers to ‘be careful and that as much as we need water, it can be poisonous.

As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), consuming raw seafood or going into salty or brackish water with open wounds increases the risk of a person contracting the infection. Moreover, the Health Department of New Jersey has also urged the people who have open wounds to not getting into salty or brackish water altogether.


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