A new experimental vaccine to fight off HIV-1 has sparked a new hope to protect those who are having HIV, one of the most widespread virus and the leading causes of death of many people globally.

As per a new study, published in The Lancet journal, the new vaccine seems to be safe and produced an immune response when it was tested on around 390 people.

The human trials participants for the study belonged from 12 clinics across the world, which includes east Africa, South Africa, the United States and Thailand. All the participants went through a random, double blind kind of trial which is being referred to as “mosaic” vaccine which is basically pieces of various HIV viruses, combined together to induce immune responses against the HIV strains. The participants were between the age group of 18 to 50 years who were healthy and did not suffer with HIV. They were injected with the vaccine four times in the span on 48 hours.

All the new vaccine combinations showed to be safe, and produced the anti HIV response.

Moreover, the vaccine showed to be effective in 72 rhesus monkeys as well, where showed a positive response.

The success of the vaccine means that the researchers can carry forward with further testing, which includes the drug being tested on a wider number of people. Till date, this is the first out of five HIV vaccine concepts to have showed a positive response in almost around 40 years of the HIV virus causing havoc among humans.

However, some other researchers have cautioned that the new vaccine’s ability to induce an HIV specific immune response does not actually mean that it would prevent the humans from the infection itself.

There are 37 million across the globe who live with AIDS or HIV. Each year, around 2 million people are diagnosed with HIV. Even though the researchers continue to know more about the virus, they still have a long way to go to come up with a permanent and long term solution.


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