New Girl Season 6 Episode 2
(Credits : Youtube)

The election bandwagon is real for New Girl Season 6 Episode 2 as they will also be focusing on the election season. This also means that there will be some distance between husband and wife Cece and Schmidt.

In the episode after New Girl Season 6 Episode 2, Jess ( Zooey Deschanel )has admitted to herself that she has yet to move on from Jake Johnson’s character ,Nick. While the husband and wife duo Shmidt (Mac Greenfield) and Cece (Hannah Simone) are off to find a house that they may finally enjoy their life as a married couple. And as for Winston (Lamorne Morris) he was actually left to deal with is new girlfriend’s real estate wannabe sister.

Spoilers for the New Girl Season 6 Episode 2 state that Schmidt will be rather indifferent with regard to the election while Cece and Jess go off and prepare to campaign for Hilary Clinton. All this makes Schmidt see it all as an affront, with him being more of a republican. He then keeps repeating “Paul Ryan 2020” almost as if completely ignoring the existence of Donald Trump. To add to all that, Jess will be appearing in a full blown Trump costume with a matching ‘Yuge’ impersonation.

It is funny how New Girl Season 6 Episode 2 has shown some rather anti-Trump campaigning to show their support for Hilary Clinton. It is even realistic in a sense that the differences in political preference may actually get in between the marriage of the couple Cece and Schmidt, who obviously have different standpoints in the matter of election, but still we can’t get over the fact that Schmidt basically forgot that Hilary’s actual opponent exists.


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