Pokemon Go device is going be launched soon

Pokemon Go Plus is an improvement over the previous one with vibration notifications in a bid to improve the game safety. This feature is a valuable addition since many accident cases have been reported as a result of Pokémon players who were completely immersed in the game.

Although coming into the market a bit late since it was scheduled for July this year, the new Pokémon Go Plus brings a solution; Now Pokémon players can now catch Pokemon without having to be glued to their smartphone screens. All players need to do is press a button to catch the Pokémon.

Nintendo is going to take the responsibility to distribute the game, have confirmed together with Pokémon the official release date for Pokemon Go Plus for September 16. On this date, Pokémon Go Plus will launch in most countries and will later move to the South American Market later in the year.

Pokemon Go Plus is friendly to its wearers as it has excellent much functionality. First, it can connect to a phone via Bluetooth Smart and feed the wearer with alerts regarding the proximity of PokeStops and wild Pokémon.

Pokemon Go Plus, however, does not provide alerts for any Pokémon attracted by the in-game incense item or track the distance walked if Pokemon Go is running in the background.

Pokémon Go Plus is compatible with:

• IOS 8-9
• IPhone 5/5c/5s/SE/6/6s/6Plus/6s Plus
• Android 4.4-6.0 or higher that have blue tooth and RAM 2GB


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