pokemon go accessories
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The accessory created by Niantic will allow the players to collect Pokemon on the go without even looking at the screen. This will be possible by a Bluetooth connection that will alert the players when they are near Poker stops or to collect Pokemon by only pressing a button after the lights and vibrations emitted by this new accessory turn on. The players will be able to watch what they caught later on the Journal of the Pokemon Go plus accessory.

The game´s makers announced that the game would be available to be played in the Apple watch and also that they have reached the 500 million Download. The company reported that despite the download number had reached the millions; the active players in the game had dropped as well.

The Pokemon Go plus accessory was announced like a year ago, but the company had to make some changes to make it work better, that is why that has had to delay the release of it. What intrigues the most of this accessory is if the accessibility that it will bring to the hunt will maintain the attention on this game, or will make the players stop playing it. Now we will only have to wait if of all these accessories that ease the game and increase the accessibility to the Pokemon will keep the players attached to this game, or will make those million people to walk away and find a new and more challenge activity to do.

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