Emilia Fox and Theo James in Sex With Strangers at Hampstead Theatre

Who is Theo James?

Theodore Peter James Kinnaid Taptiklis also known as Theo James was born 16 December 1984 in Oxford England. He is the son of Jane and Philip Taptiklis. Theo is the youngest son of his parents , they are 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Theo is an English actor best known for his characters as Jed Harper, Walter William, and David etc. Theo’s fore fathers are Greek as they moved from Pelponnese to New Zealand. His maternal origin is Scottish and English.

Theo James schooling as done from Aylesbury Grammer School and then he did his undergrad degree from the University of Nottingham in philosophy. He is a trained actor from Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.

Theo is a very skillful being and has the ability to get used to easily kind of personality. Earlier connecting to the acting area, he was on job with the National Health Service in England, there he used to go to the places of the lately departed and clear-out any bodily liquids left overdue. In addition, he was also fond of music. In 2012, he loved to sing and play guitar in a band based in London known as Shere Khan; the band declared on their Facebook page that they no more will be performing as a band.

In 2010, Theo James’s screen career start as he made his first appearance in television screen in the character of Alex “Craze” Crazenovski in the sequence of A passionate woman. After that, he performed in the role of Downtown Abbey, Bedlam, Case Sensitive and some other series as well as in the films. In 2010, he got his debut role in the film sector as Ray in the movie named as “You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger”. After that, he not ever had to look behind. His fame arose and he happened to get few of the projects that keep him working.

Career Break of Theo James.

James first appeared on television in Passionate Woman, he was casted opposite to Billie Piper. He also appeared in an episode of the first season of Downton Abbey as a Turkish diplomat namely Kemal Pamuk. theo played the lead role Jed Harper in Bedlam. The Divergent star also performed in the 2012 version of John Braine’s Room at the Top as Jack Wales.

Theo James’s movies contribution includes The Domino Effect and You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger. When he was in his final year of the drama school he was starred in Stranger. He was featured as a loathful night club representative in The Inbetweeners Movie. He was selected to play the character of David in the fourth season of Underworld”Awakening”, the movie was released in 2012, featuring Kate Beckinsale beside him. The same year he performed in ITV’s Case Sensitive featuring Darren Boyd and Olivia Williams. In 2009 Screen International named him “Star of Tomorrow”

In 2014, Theo James was given a lead role in, Tobias “Four” Eaton in the movie version of Veronica Roth’s Divergent. He reenacted the role in the sequel of Divergent. The Divergent Series “Insurgent’” was started shooting in May 2014 and was on the rampage in March 2015. The movie version of London Field featured Theo James with Amber Heard, Jim Sturgess and Billy Bob Thornton. And a indie based drama Franny he was featured with Richard Gere and Dakota Fanning.

Theo James reenacted his role David In the fifth Underworld film as a movie’s lead. He came back in two other Divergent movies, Alligiant released in 2016 and a upcoming movie Ascendant releasing in 2017.

Music Passion of Theo James.

Beside his acting career he is also a singer and a guitarist of music band based in London Shere Khan. The band was inactivated by announcing on their social media pages. They shared with the fan that they will not be playing together anymore and the band members will be tracking other music opportunity.

Stage Plays of Theo James

The story is featuring Emilia fox and Theo James released in Feb 2017, the script writer is Lauraa Easons. Laura Eason’s drama is a smooth two-character story about love and fictional drive, the nature of uniqueness and the problems of self- reinvention in a digital era which has mixed up our common sense of the limits between private and public, true and false. Desire flare up between a not likely couple who find themselves stuck for the weekend by a snowfall blizzard in a isolated Michigan writers’ hideaway only and mourning of internet access.

Accomplishment and Awards of Theo James.

In 2014 theo James has won two award for the Divergent and has been nominated three more categories for the same character. 2015 was the year when theo earned an award for the Divergent series: Insurgent and was also nominated for another category. In 2016 he was nominated in three categories for the Divergent series: Allegiant but was not able to make up the award.

Relationship of Theo James

Theo James and Kearney Ruth are in relationship since 2009. They got engaged last year but ever since they have not talked about their wedding plans to their followers. Many reporters said that the reason of delay in their wedding is Woodley.

Many follower campare both the stars with Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart. According to reports they are planning to get married after the last installment of the Divergent series so that they can go to the holidays for which they have been planning. Report mentions that the delay in there wedding is not because of Woodley.

Secondly, Kearney is also shooting for her Netflix Series namely “Flaked In” in which she is starring as Claire/London. So apparently the reason of there delay is their work and not Woodley. The followers of Divergent series always want to look the screen couple transforms into real life couple. But if we have to believe Ruth Kearney’s words then it’s never going to happen.

Social Media of Theo James

James neglects the Hollywood prospect, and he is not active like Woodley on social media. He is not the kind of a person who can easily talk to the press. . “I don’t think I’d want to share those elements of my private life,” James says. He is not even on twitter or Instagram nor he seems to be interested in these handles ever “I don’t have it and I never will. Other actors I know are really good at it and they rock and roll it, but it’s not for me. If I post a picture of us having a drink now and get loads of views or comments and stuff, then suddenly you’re quite exposed and you’re in a world of work,” he tells Flaunt. “I just like being present.”

Theo James is certainly a handsome hunk, the tallness of 6 feet with the complementary body weight. He has the attracting charisma and confidence. Theo is in his primary thirties and still a long way to go.

Being unconnected to social media has helped James gain meaning in all phases of his life.