What is a Lennox furnace?

Lennox furnace Residential is a most important supplier of advanced, home heating and cooling systems. The highly productive, housing air conditioners, furnaces and HVAC systems support to increase ease while decreasing utility charges. Lennox gas and oil furnaces are planned to provide perfect temperature, efficiency, and energy savings. Offered in a wide range, from a variable ability gas furnace to a two-stage gas furnace, and a range of oil furnaces, Lennox deals with a range of choices to meet everyone’s heating desires.

Prices are not available on their official website or other HVAC manufacturers’ sites for the reason that heating and cooling systems must be connected by a specialized dealer. When you make a call to your local Lennox Dealer for an inside home discussion, your supplier will give you a estimate based on your requirements and a range of other factors, like the dimension of your home etc.

Are you planning to purchase Lennox furnace consider this:

-Dimension and period of your home

In fact, bigger homes usually need bigger capability heating and cooling systems. On the other hand, new-fangled homes incline to be better insulated, so a smaller system may be all that’s desirable to keep you contented during the course of the year.

-Your home’s plan and arrangement

Southern fronting windows let in light and energy from the sun provided that natural warmness for your home. This may be countless throughout winter months, but it can cart off from your home’s ease and competence if you live in a warmth environment.

-Local weather

People in northern states or Canada may have never turned on an air conditioner, but folks in southern states like Florida could barely conceive a summer deprived of one. Your supplier will be aware with the climate arrays in your area and propose the right system to keep your home contented and energy effective.

-State of ductwork

By checking your home’s ductwork, your supplier will be capable to tell you if it requires renovation or exchanging. This can raise the upfront price of fitting a new heating and cooling system, but it can also provide important reserves over the long term by confirming your system is working as competently as its potential.

Why you should choose a Lennox supplier?

A fresh heating and cooling system is an essential asset, and your Lennox Supplier can help you make a selection you can be pleased with for years to come. Your Lennox supplier is skilled to execute excellence HVAC fittings. And above, your supplier is the best foundation for info on promotions and resident energy allowances.

What are the financing systems of the Lennox furnace?

Your heating and cooling structure have emotional impact on how you feel every second when you’re at home. It also accounts for about partial of the energy your home uses every 30 days. So every buck that you spend affecting up to a higher-efficiency system can create ease and energy savings you’ll like for the coming years. You can also take benefits of federal tax credits.

Lennox furnace more easy choices than ever are now in range.

With the wide range of available financing options, you now purchase than ever before. Take gain of your opportunities and get the invention, productivity and all surrounding ease of Lennox on flexible, friendly terms and conditions.

Flexible financing policy.

Of all the methods you can pay for your home ease system, funding right through a third party financing company may make the greatest sense for many details:

  • The policy is No Payments, No Interest Financing.
  • A range of 28 types of loan are offered, so we can simply help discover the custom solution that’s best for you.
  • Financing policies are available for maximum levels of credit.
  • On the whole, credit applications are revised and accepted in just seconds

Easy application procedure makes financing as simple as conceivable

For U.S. citizens, your Lennox Suppliers can help you apply in one of numerous methods:

  • Through the phone
  • Through the financing request submission website. You will want to make available your full name, address, social security number and other info demanded. You will be able to read the confidentiality policy and review the terms and conditions of this offer before finishing the online application.
  • Through the safe, protected mobile app on your Supplier’s smartphone or tablet

Financing methods for Canadian citizens

SNAP Financial is the easy, fast and flexible, it is a simple way to pay for your HVAC system without having to pause. Just ask your local Lennox Supplier about dissimilar SNAP financing proposals, and get accepted in minutes.

Why, when and how to change a filter?

Air filters are necessary parts of your heating and cooling structure. They help progress the value of your home’s air and retain your system executing at peak competence. The most typical filters are standard not reusable cartridges, but advanced filtration systems and air cleaners are also offered.

When to change filters?

Typical, one-inch non reuseable air filters should be changed every three months. Though, if someone in your family undergoes from allergies, or if you have pets or dirt accumulation in your home, so then you might want to change your filters every month or earlier. Progressive filtration systems have extensive lifecycles and are typically preserved by HVAC experts.

How to change your filter?

The procedure for changing standard non reusable filters is honestly direct and includes just a few steps:

-Locate your filter

Air filters are usually are in your system’s return air opening, which may be on the roof, wall or on the adjacent of your furnace or air handler. Your air filter may also contain inside the component. In this case, you may have to take away an entrance board to get to the filter.

-Detach the filter from its cover

Just open the return and take out the old filter. If there is no filter in the return, check the length and breadth of the place, so you’ll know what dimensions filter you’ll need for standby.

-Write down the size printed on the filter casing

If you detached an old filter, note its dimensions so you can be sure you have the right filter for emergency. If you have any queries about the dimension you need, you can speak of to the owner’s manual for your furnace or air handler, or communicate your local Lennox Supplier.

-Mount the new filter

Firmly slip the new filter in space of the old one, make sure you follow the indications written on the edges of the filter casing. These indicating points to the ways of the airflow, which should be toward your furnace or air handler.

-Get assistance from your Lennox Supplier

If you have any inquiries about where your filter goes, or how to base a new one, your local Lennox Dealers can help. If you have before exchanged your filter, and your system makes extreme blast, contact your Lennox Supplier to address the issues.

-Do consider more progressive filtration

Lennox deals with an extensive range of filtration goods, containing high-performance air cleansers that eliminate small, allergy-aggravating bits that standard filters can’t stopover.

What is the Warranty policy of Lennox furnace?

Flawless comfort is comfort that fetches you composure. That’s why we stand behind our inventive heating, cooling and interior air quality goods with industry-leading warranty treatment.

The Lennox Limited Guarantees are unpaid manufacturer’s warranties for housing application only and are subject to valid terms and conditions. It contain, but are not limited to the warranty time, parts availability, and omitted parts, repairs, care of equipment, coverage, exclusions, warranty procedures and argument resolution.

Simple Limited Warranty from Lennox

No registering process obligatory. Terms and coverage information vary according to the goods you possess.

Lennox Ductless Mini-Split Systems

-5 years on covered parts

Dave Lennox Signature Collection Series products

-10 years on covered parts

-10 years warranty on compressor

-20 years or Limited Lifespan on heat exchanger (depends on model)

Healthy Climate Indoor Air Quality Systems

-2 or 5 years on covered parts (depends on model)

Lennox Merit Series products

-5 years on covered parts

-5 years warranty on compressor

-20 years warranty on heat exchanger

Lennox Comfort Controls / Thermostats / Zoning Systems

-2 or 5 years on covered parts (depends on model)

Lennox Elite Series products

-5 years on covered parts

-10 years warranty on compressor

-20 years or Limited Lifespan on heat exchanger (depends on model)

Before claiming you must refer to the warranty certificate sent with your product for the detailed warranty periods and the terms and conditions that relate to your products.

Lennox Extended Limited Warranty

Registering your product is obligatory. This package ranges the basic coverage that comes with Lennox products when you register your succeeding product:


Additional Basic Limited Warranty, cumulative coverage on covered units, containing the compressor from 5-7 years to 12-year limited long warranty on Lennox MLA, MPA and MPB Mini-Split Heat Pumps.

-Heat Exchangers

Additional Basic Limited Warranty, cumulative coverage on heat exchangers from 20 years to limited lifespan on Lennox Merit Series ML195DF and ML195UH gas furnaces.

-Parts and Compressors

Additional Basic Limited Warranty, growing coverage on parts and compressors from 5 years to 10 years on select Lennox Elite Series and Lennox Merit Successions gas furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, air handlers, coils, boilers, mini-splits and built-up boxed components.

Complete Care Plus Extended Warranty

Appropriate and reasonable plan presented by an autonomous third party. It applies to all major HVAC brands and covers service maintenances on a home comfort system once the standard manufacturer’s warranty has finished. If the product succeeds for the warranty and/or the warranty is acquire for the product:

-Costs some nominal charges per day on average

-Advances home worth with fully transferrable gains

-Offers a variety of coverage choices

-3-year parts and labor warranty

-5 or 10-year parts and labor warranty

My Verdict

Lennox has a great treat to deal clients when it comes to its qualities, energy efficacy and guarantees handling in the premium valued brand layers. When it’s about to opposition, their straight opponent in the premium valued brand layer is Carrier. Lennox levels themselves separately from the gathering by repeatedly carrying home heating systems that content consumers’ top concerns which embrace: price, energy effectiveness and warranty coverage etc.

Equally divided in many types, a part where Carrier debatably comes out on top is Inventive Technologies. Lennox does deal with customers numerous inventive technologies like the SilentComfort™ and Power Saver™technologies, though, Carrier’s list is far more wide.

A forerunner in the HVAC manufacturing, Lennox selects to create their track. In tune with the desires and needs of customers their items listing redirects what clients are asking for. Remaining true to their brand tale, they have constructed a loyal followers.

Though the top of the valuing range, Lennox is between the most in-demand furnace makes for good motive. They’re a very dense and inventive manufacturer with exceptional energy competence and broad warranty handling. So it’s not difficult to see why they are a brand preferred for many Canadian landowners.

Lennox furnace is a best heating system for your house.