NBA trade rumors
(Image: Youtube)

They are talking about three prominent players including Russell Westbrook, Derrick Rose, and Kristaps Porzingis. It is a significant exchange treaty, and it will change the whole scenario of NBA. But there is one thing that is causing hurdle; Russell Westbrook has made a contract with Thunders for three years with the cost of $85 Million. Due to this, they are unable to trade him until 15 December.

It will be kind of interesting turn if both teams go for this contract after few months. Talking about other players, Derrick Rose is suffering from injury after his MVP series. Although he is a good player, his performance mostly depends on his availability and perfect health. Russell is upper hand from him, although Rose performs well for Knicks they still want Russell in their team for better. On other hand Knicks, fans are also calling for Kristaps Porzingis due to his extraordinary potential. He performed unique and rare skills in the stellar rookie season. If we talk about normal circumstances, then it would be ok. But still match to Russell is impossible.

This rumor is on high peak not only due to the involvement of popular players but due to an uncertainty of these players. The biggest uncertainty is about the performance of Rose and Porzingis. Although both of them are physically fit and showing extra skills, we cannot assure this that they will perform same in coming years. If they go for the treaty and any of the players got injured or could not perform well, then this will give them a huge loss to Knicks. Beside this Oklahoma City has invested so much on Russell and Rose has also committed to join this summer with Bulls. Although it is a tricky part, no one has such courage to roll the dice to decide for future.


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