NBA 2K17 Release Date
(Credits : Youtube)

For NBA 2K17 purchase retailers are trying to hold special promotions by making partnerships with the likes of candy makers.

Some other retailers are throwing parties and events for the NBA 2K17 midnight release. It is a bit confusing for the users and the retailers alike. However, the game isn’t going to be released yet until September 20th. Nonetheless, it may be possible for gamers to get it early with the return of promotion dubbed Early Tip-Off Weekend. And not even, the demo of the game that brought features like MyPlayer and MyCareer last week is also giving gamers an opportunity to experience some of the new mechanics of the NBA 2K17.

For those yearning for the game, Best Buy, a leading electronic retailer in the United States will be opening its stores on 1st September to hand out copies of the game to gamers who pre-order. GameStop’s stores are going to remain open the night of 15th September too to give users copies of the game.

There are different reasons to get a physical copy of the game, but if you just don’t want to get to the stores, you may consider the digital version. Users can download the digital versions of the games just some few days early in order to ensure that they are not stuck waiting for the launch day. These are known as pre-downloads and for the NBA 2K17,they are expected to start on September 14.


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