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In the vast world of gaming, players can be roughly divided into two separate classes; those who play it clean, and those who are too witty and resourceful to play fairly. Both of which strive for the same thing: In-game greatness.

In this NBA 2K17 new update. It has been discovered that there is indeed a new glitch in the game, and of course, people are already milking it for its worth. The glitch has already been reported, especially now that the method on how to get a ton of virtual currency is already spreading like wildfire. This NBA 2K17 new update will let you in on how this cheat is executed. First off, one must go online and start a match at Tier 14. This mode in the game will reward whichever player has more money. At the start of the match, one has to purposely lose the ball toss, then the player would have to commit a foul. Note that it cannot be just any foul, it has to be hard enough to get the referee’s attention and have them call the foul. The timing for this is essential since it has to be done the moment the enemy touches the ball. When the foul has been called, both players must disconnect and both are rewarded with juicy in-game currency.

Such an exciting new glitch we have in this NBA 2K17 update. However be warned, a cheat of this magnitude will likely be removed come to the next NBA 2K17 update. Happy gaming NBA fans!

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