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So, one of the most famous basketball game NBA 2K17 is now featuring the latest HDR technology to provide more efficiency to the game for their customers.

The latest technology in the gaming world has revolutionized the industry and has been very popular among gaming fans as it takes the gaming experience to the next level by making everything brighter and clearer. HDR technology is supported by very few television devices. NBA 2K17 is the only fourth game to feature this latest gaming technology along with Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3, and Scalebound.

In the high competitive gaming industry where two of the best consoles PS4 AND XBOX are trying to beat each other this device, Xbox One S has gained the upper hand for now by becoming the first and the only gaming console to introduce the HDR technology. Seeing this revolutionary feature the Game Spot critic Jimmy has Thang appreciated this latest technology by saying:

A great time to jump on board” but this is for the die-hard gamers those who play games with a passion. The players who just play the game for fun are recommended “XBOX ONE.”

The latest and the biggest sports game of the year will be released on September 20 on multiple platforms that include PS4, Xbox One and PC. But as a bonus, you can gain the upper hand over the others by playing the game four days early by pre-ordering it. 2K has also introduced the Kobe Bryant special edition game pack worth $80.

NBA 2K has turned into one of the biggest gaming franchise creating buzz between the games every year. It is a manifestation for basketball fans that love to watch basketball and want to have the real experience of NBA. Some feature that has been introduced in NBA is the real deal. The search engine behind the scenes is phenomenal and has no equal in the gaming world. NBA 2K17 provides its fans the original basketball experience that every other game failed to provide. Some features like MY PLAYER, MY GM, and MY LEAGUE are one of the best functions that have been added to the game and allow the diehard fans to have a real experience of NBA world.

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