Naya Rivera
Naya Rivera

The latest Hollywood’s It couple Naya Rivera and David Space have rumors of brewing romance!

Naya Rivera
Naya Rivera

The famous Glee star Naya Rivera is dating the famous Grown Ups actor David Spade.

The duo made their relationship public this Friday, March, 31st, 2017 when the two were seen both by public and paparazzi doing some solid public display of affection for each other.

Well what can we say? Looks like we have new love birds in Hollywood!

According to a close source yes they are dating, initially it was just casual and both were having fun two to 3 weeks back but now it looks like things are getting steamy between the new couple.

They have been dating for only a couple of weeks but look so in love.

Grown-ups actor David Spade is 52 years old and has still managed to score Glee’s super hot star Naya Rivera.

Considering there is a huge age difference between the two there is a lot of talk and rumors doing rounds. Well twenty two years is certainly not less but this is not the issue when it comes to Hollywood couple and certainly not the first time that a guy is dating a girl half his age.

Naya Rivera
Naya Rivera6

The two were seen showcasing a lot of PDA at the Halekulani hotel, the duo is reportedly vacationing on the Waikiki beach in Hawaii. Both were seen holding hands and kissing around.

Paparazzi have succeeded in getting a photo of the duo vacationing and enjoying with David Spade’s best buddies Rob Schneider and Adam Sandler. The duo was vacationing with their families.

David Spade is in Hawaii for his Here Comes the Funny tour with his best friends Rob Schneider and Adam Sandler and had their performance this Friday, March, 31st, 2017 at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center.

A close eye witness explains that both David spade and Naya Rivera were trying their best to stay out of the sight of public and paparazzi staying at the shady corner of the pool the duo were seen kissing, holding hands and making a lot of body contact.

Wow! Now that is super hot stuff. The two were later seen talking intimately along the pool side spending almost an hour. The couple seemed so engrossed into each other’s company that nothing else really mattered to them. Looks like they were having the time of their life there, they were happy and comfortable in each other’s company.

The 30 year old Glee actress Naya Rivera recently filed for divorce from her partner of two years Ryan Dorsey, the two have a beautiful 18 month old son together named Josey. Both have given statements that it was in the best interest of their families and that their son is their prime responsibility and everything falls later in the list of their priorities. The ex couple requested the press to respect their families and their privacy and give them some alone time in this difficult and arduous hour.

David Spade and Naya Rivera were last spotted in Hollywood’s favorite eatery the catch located in west Hollywood, Los Angeles, since then rumors of the couple dating have been doing rounds.

Naya Rivera apart from glee has authored the famous Sorry Not Sorry and David Spade on the other hand has been doing his comedy tour alongside Rob Schnider and Adam Sandler.

The couple had previously worked together in the movie Mad families that was released at the end of last year. The movie Mad Families also starred Leah Remini and Charlie Sheen and though it was not a box office success but did manage to bring the couple together.

David Spade on the other hand had been previously dating super-famous Playboy model Jillian Grace, spade reportedly has an 8 year old daughter with Playboy model Jillian Grace the two shares the custody of the child.

Looks like everything is going super-well in David Spade’s and Naya Rivera’s paradise, the couple is all in love, showcasing  a lot of public display of affection for the paparazzi and the public eye. Well we pray and hope that everything goes well in the duos private and professional life.

It is exciting to see how the couple will work out despite their huge age difference our best wishes to them and lots of love for them to cherish and showcase, after all we do love steamy and smoky hot PDA and private moments, let’s hope we get to see more of it from the couple who are right now having the time of their lives in Halekulani hotel located on the on the Waikiki beach in Hawaii

Naya Rivera has shocked us with her new romace!