Naya Rivera not a new name for everyone. She ahs always been the queen of news ; sometimes due to her personal life issues and for most of the times due to her tremendous success at such a small age. Naya Rivera the uprising Glee star just 30 is rising high towards the heights of her career. She is determined enough to get what she wants. Everyone has its own personal choices but  the life of such a celebrity is no more a personal tag if they think it so.  From playing a kid in KMART commercials to playing Sanatana Lopez on Fox  musical comedy series Naya is all the way long . She is been desperate to succeed in every field she jumps into.

While we were trying to adjust our mind towards her recently filed divorce which makes it 4 months ago to be exact Naya Rivera throws another tantrum to surprise the viewers.

The story buzzing around these days is ” NAYA RIVERA GETTING COZZY WITH DAVID SPADE AT HAWAII“.  Man Man ! this is definitely something to hit upon. Naya Rivera has recently filed divorced against her Ex husband Ryan Dorsey . She got married in 2014 . They had a son John Dorsey . After such a difficult separation the news of Naya Rivera dating David Spade had hit the floor. This news was released on 1st of April that Naya Rivera and David Spade were spotted on the pool in Hawai .

The audience narrated that the spend and hours time together and were trying to escape from other’s eyes.

Seems like they tried their best to hide it and make it personal but this is the news of the day on every page right here.  The writers write that  it might be an April fool’s prank towards the audience ” what the hell on earth make them dating?” This news buzzed around a lot.  every main page was spotted with the  question ” Are they the new unexpectedly celebrity couple?” . Naya Rivera doesn’t seem to be much involved in this issue . She kept joking around this question whenever asked. She wasn’t taking this buzz that much seriously. If we throw the light on David Spade who is 52 ; 22 years to be exact elder than Naya Rivera. Not that much successful. A comedian doing over the hill fedoras does capital one commercials. According to the public his standards doesn’t seem to collaborate with Naya Rivera; which on the other side is  thehigh rated actress.

People have been commenting on this a lot . Some were sarcastic too. Some used to say ” If David can date Naya Rivera, we should not lose hopes, anyone can do anything if he makes his mind up to it.” People were in a yes or no situation about this news when the other bombshell hit the court. Agency says that it has been confirmed that they have been dating and enjoying it casually !, people will say ” oh my gosh! No!” . It is narrated that they have been seeing each other for weeks. As per David’s reputation is concerned people will not support this reality much. Naya Rivera has neither denied nor supported this idea. It seems that they have been trying to keep things private. If this is reality people will still be considering it as an April fool’s prank due to their love for Naya Rivera. Future updates will reveal the real status of this up bringing relationship.