2019 Olympia is definitely one of the most awaited events in the history of bodybuilding. Last year we witnessed great and unexpected changes, however, 2019 is promising to be even hotter.

While the contest is still far, it is already widely discussed by sports bloggers, bodybuilders, and bodybuilding fans. No doubts, there are many great participants to pay attention to, however, the most popular names now are Shawn Rhoden and Phil Heath. The current and the former champion are ready to fight for the desired title and no one can even predict how their battle can end.

Nathan De Asha is also interested in the upcoming contest. He is also intrigued by the future competition between Phil and Shawn. Usually, Nathan prefers talking about his own experience and career goals, however, the current situation is exceptional.

The bodybuilder told that he thought both champions are worth the victory. He admires both Rhoden and Heath and thinks they deserve respect. However, Nathan told he would not like to see Phil Heath competing again.

De Asha has no reasons to hate Phil. He never denies the fact that Phil is a talented and ambitious sportsman. However, Nathan thinks that it’s time for new faces in bodybuilding. Phil Heath has already won the champion title seven times. No doubts, he is able to win again. But this will be a step back for the development of the sport.

Nathan advises Phil to stop. De Asha wonders: “Heath has already proven that he’s number one, why not to give this chance to someone else?”.


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