Thursday, June 30, 2022

Nathan De Asha Protects His Deaf Colleague From Internet Trolls

Nathan De Asha is not the one who stays far from scandals and arguments. While some people believe that being in the center of all possible scandals is the nature of Nathan, others believe he does it to get more attention and popularity.

There are not so many sports fans who support that type of behavior. However, one of the latest internet scandals that Nathan took part in made a lot of people support him. Moreover, even those who have always been Nathan’s haters are now on his side.

The reason for the argument is an aggressive attack of the internet trolls that insulted members of the bodybuilder’s team. Actually, such kind of attacks is not a rare thing on the internet and most famous bodybuilders have already got used to those cases.

However, this time trolls crossed the line, making jokes, sending offensive messages and comment to the deaf colleague of the sportsman and member of Nathan’s team. This fact made the sportsman very angry and furious. He answered the trolls with a long speech and many hateful comments.

Nathan explained his reaction. He told that no person in the world shall be offended, trolled or discriminated because of any type of disability. He told that things like that happened not only to his friend, to sports celebrities or bodybuilders, but also to many other people regardless of their profession or social level.

Any person could be in his friend’s shoes. Nathan also asked other people not to ignore cases when people are offended due to their health issues or disability. “That shall never happen!” – told the sportsman.

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