Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Nathan De Asha Impressed Guests Of IFBB Battle For Britain 2019

Nathan De Asha is a talented sportsman with great potential and strong desire to make his name a history. Being popular as a participant of the Olympia contest, he also takes part in the competitions of lower meaning.

This time the British sportsman decided to battle for a champion title at the local IFBB Battle for Britain Pro competition and he managed to win it. Nathan amazed the judges with his excellent physique and great self-control.

However, the most impressive thing in Nathan’s performance was his posing skills. The current British champion knows how to make his posing routine worth winning! Nathan managed to combine the best posing traditions with creativity and fresh ideas and made the audience watch him with admiration.

The next significant point for De Asha is 2019 Olympia. While most sports experts do not think that Nathan has high chances to become the next Mr. Olympia this year, he still may wonder the bodybuilding society in 2019.

Last year Nathan demonstrated great results, taking the eighth place at Olympia. Today he looks confident enough to make his future performance even more impressive. Fans of the sportsman are eager to see the results of the upcoming contest.


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