Naruto Shippuden Episode 476
(Credits : Youtube)

Being the final episode of the Manga series, the announcement of the Naruto Shippuden Episode 476 Air Date is letting the fans possess a feeling of mixed emotions. The anxiety and expectation are taking its toll. The upcoming series is an action-packed series which is going to be a huge hit!

The huge anticipation has created a host of speculations about the new series. The last fight of the two most powerful ninjas confronting each other is expected to give their best in the upcoming episodes.

The event is supposed to be of one hour long and may be prolonged a little further for the sake of the fans. The ultimate battle between the Naruto and Sasuke is going to be the main point of interest in this final one. This episode stands as a contrast to the previous one as it showed the brotherhood between the two ninjas.

This animation series with it’s spellbinding and superb visual effects is set to premier on September 29 this year. Amidst innumerable speculations and updates, the Naruto Shippuden Episode 476 Air Date has been confirmed. It is assumed that the final episode shall end on a sad note with the demise of one of the ninjas. To know what happens until the end one has to watch the final episode which will be on air soon.


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