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Nandrolone Decanoate: Doses, Effects, Prices, and Fakes

Street Name: Deca

Clinical Use:

This was one of the first steroids known to men. It was developed and distributed in the U.S. in the early 1960s and has enjoyed a brilliant nearly half-century. It was likely developed to combat wasting diseases where patients were restricted to bed rest or couldn’t exercise to maintain lean mass throughout recovery. It’s also one of the few anabolics that block cortisone receptors, allowing less cortisone to arrive at their destinations within the muscle and connective tissue. This is crucial for bodybuilders and it’s one reason why Deca is so popular.

Bodybuilding Use:

This is kind of the basic requirement steroid of the anabolic steroid world. It may not be a mass-monster, but it does well for itself and is a drug that, likely, everyone who’s ever taken a ‘roid has tried.

It’s also typically the ‘first’ steroid someone takes to whet their appetite for hypertrophy! It has the ability to add muscle as well as most other powerful steroids, yet has half the side effects and far less levels of toxicity within the tissues affected (liver, kidneys). And because it has the ability to virtually ‘cure’ joint problems caused by heavy training, it’s a great choice and a great all-around drug! It can also reduce body fat levels fairly substantially without substituting with a high level of water gain.

Recommended Dose:

The anabolic effect of this drug goes up proportionally and even exponentially when in the 300-600mg/week dose. That’s a good thing… getting more and more value for your money. However, going over 600 mg/week typically doesn’t do anything but deplete funds a lot faster. And considering that most bodybuilders don’t have contracts at the amateur level -if you’re hungry, you’ll likely GO HUNGRY if you overdo it and waste your Deca. It’s expensive, hard to get (real stuff anyway), and not something you want to waste haphazardly in one cycle. Past 600mg you aren’t getting the kind of exponential benefits you did on your way up to 600mg. Hover in the range of 400-600mg a week and you’ll be much better off; both with your progress and your finances.

Side Effects:

Side effects with Deca are much less than other steroids like straight testosterone. In fact, people choose Deca for this reason. It’s highly effective but not toxic to the liver or any other organs of the body. That makes for a potent muscle-building brew; one you can really sink your teeth into without the threat of a lot of consequences. It’s not, however, totally without them. Knowing how vain most bodybuilders truly are, most are thrilled that Deca doesn’t typically have acne as a side effect.

In rare cases, there will be a slight breakout, but not among the majority. That’s when you take 400mg/week. Just don’t overdo it. A dose in the neighborhood of 600-1000mg/week is what I’m talking about. This is where side effects begin to emerge and where you need to be aware of what they are. Attitudes can be hostile, sex drive can be out of control, sperm production can be non-existent (with prolonged use) and headaches can prevail.

In my estimation, the only thing I can see there that you wouldn’t enjoy already are the headaches. Oh… and have you ever heard of Deca-Dick? Limpy Dick? Impotence? That is fairly common too. You decide if the trade-off is okay or not. Also, the more you take, the more water you’ll have just beneath the skin to smooth out your appearance. It really depends upon how vain you are.

Price and Availability:

It is hard to get at times. And usually, easy availability signals fakes. The price of Deca is also really inflated because of this fact. In any other case, I’d say “Not worth it? move on; a drug is a drug!” However, in the case of Deca, it’s worth every penny (if it’s real), whether it costs $6 an amp or $15. And I’ve seen Deca prices span even wider than that over the past few years! Normally, I’d just tell you to go out and pay for one of Heidi Fleiss’ girls and have a good night, forgetting the fact that you’ll never be Ronnie Coleman or Chris Cormier for an hour or two!


19-Nor-4-Androstenediol is the logical over the counter product to take the place of Deca in a mass building cycle. In fact, it replicates the actions of Deca as closely as possible without actually being an anabolic steroid. The pro-hormones on the market today are actually pretty effective, considering the whole process of creating and manufacturing a substance that mimics an original substance is somewhat of a pseudo-pharmacological endeavor and often doesn’t translate well.

But as chemistry has shown, there is more than one way to “skin a cat” within the human body and this is one of them. It actually turns into Nandrolone (Deca-Durabolin) within the body. This pro-hormone is the closest you’re going to get without accessing the real thing. And, anymore, with all of the fakes out there, you may be doing better to use 19-Nor than something you think is Deca but really isn’t.

Strength, recovery and mass building are completely possible on this supplement and some companies manufacture brands that are nothing short of astounding! I actually use a transdermal testosterone precursor on a regular basis and it’s a pretty effective supplement. There are a couple of guys at the gym that I gave some to and they literally blew up! Granted, their receptors had never seen any real potent anabolic product before, it was still pretty impressive to witness.


There are probably more fakes of Deca circulating than the real thing. And many of the fakes are quite obviously packaged in shoddy materials that scream, “Rip-off”. Still, newbies and other bodybuilding dumb-asses continue buying them. To them I say, “You deserve it!” if you can’t tell what’s real and what isn’t with obvious packaging, then you likely need to learn the hard way. I remember a time when Durabolin-50 was being faked and real testosterone was being used in its place.

This was a drug that women I knew were taking because D-50 is a great drug for a lot of them who want to be as beefy as possible, but don’t want to inject pure testosterone. Instead, they were injecting just that, and virilization was a big problem. Boy, those were the GOOD OL’ DAYS? when cheats were at least using real drugs to fool people into buying a ‘hard-to-get’ item! Right? Today, it’s pure sesame oil and not a lick of mass-building material in sight. I mean, at least back then guys would get some kind of ‘roid in its place when a dealer tried to cheat you; simply not the case anymore.


Metabolites from this drug last in the body for 18 months, and maybe even longer depending upon how fat you were when you started using it, and/or how much fat you put on your body while using it. Deca, and all other oil-based drugs, are stored in bodyfat. This makes Deca a BAD choice for an upcoming drug tested event. Still, I always have maintained that bodybuilding shows, even at the pro level, rarely test the samples at all, so it’s debatable whether that needs to actually be a concern or not.

One IFBB pro told me a couple of years ago that he saw his, and all other, urine samples sitting in a room backstage, totally unattended. He said that it was likely that after that many hours, it wasn’t even going to be tested at all. Based on what the dude was taking himself, I’d say that he was right because he wasn’t ever disqualified.

Effectiveness Rating:

You should know that you must eat well on this drug. By well, I mean ‘amply’. Without appropriate amounts of protein, this drug can be rendered nearly useless. But that’s almost always the case with steroids of any kind. This drug should garner a 20 out of 10 if it were possible. High anabolic activity and a lot of mass possible without damaging side effects that might impact health and well being, as well as cosmetic appearance! A good staple for any sound drug program.

Final Smack on Deca…

Deca is most often preferred over stronger testosterone because of the fact that it has less chance to aromatize within the body. It does the job it’s supposed to do and does it well. In fact, many people will take the cycle of Deca for an overall sense of well-being, and to feel as though their bodies are running at an optimal level. You’ll see if you ever use it, your body and entire system runs quite well on this drug.

Most guys love this drug for all reasons, but particularly for the fact that it is able to infiltrate the joint connective tissue, cushion it and protect you from soreness and the aches and pains of training. It’s a great all-around choice whether off-season, pre-contest or off a full cycle altogether! Naturally, anything taken to excess can affect your body negatively and Deca is no exception.

However, I have to say that as steroids go, it’s the best single choice of all injectables because it carries the fewest side effects of any other anabolic steroid. The only problem it has is its high price tag. But that’s a human limitation rather than a chemical one. If you’re going to blow your wad (of cash that is) on any one particular drug, make sure it’s this one. Just make sure to take Proviron or Nolvadex with it for an insurance policy against aromatization!

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