Douglas Carswell has quit Ukip.

MP Douglas Carswell quit Ukip and is determined to support Tory candidate in upcoming Elections.

Earlier this month ex-MP from Ukip Douglas Carswell started a civil war movement. He quit Ukip and demanded that the party be dissolved as soon as possible. He has always been a very smart politician.

Douglas Carswell stated in his resignation that his sole motive was to strengthen Brexit. This might come as a shock to many. But we believe that it was due. Douglas Carswell had a fallout with the party earlier this month. As of now he is an independent candidate.

Douglas Carswell all set to sit at home and relax.
Douglas Carswell to quit Ukip. Wil support tories. What a u-turn by the competent politician. What will he do next? Since he has quit Ukip, he plans on enjoying life.
With U.K Prime Minister Theresa May calling for elections and MP douglas quitting. What does this say about the political scenario in U.K? Specially right now when politician’s sole focus should be successful completion of Brexit.

MP wants to support Tories in the upcoming elections. He made a transition from Tories to Ukip in 2014.

Why did Douglas Carswell quit being an MP? According to him he has been serving the country for decades now. It was time he looked forward to other pleasures of life. He also mentioned that it has been long and he does not want his name to appear in the newspaper anymore.

Well the MP certainly does not like the whole attention phenomenon.

Aaron Banks who has been supporting Ukip since long was all set to face Carswell in upcoming elections. He wanted to unseat Carswell. Well lucky him, he did not have to make a lot of effort. Aaron Banks is an insurance tycoon and a millionaire.

Douglas Carswell was the only MP to win a seat for Ukip in 2015. Where does the party stand now? What would be their future approach? Will Aaron Banks replace Douglas Carswell? Only time can answer all these questions. For now the one thing that we are sure about is that the former MP would be supporting tories candidate in the upcoming elections.

What do you think of Douglas Carswell’s decision?

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