Shawn Arranha the director of teraa surroor, he expects much more by Himesh Reshammiya and signs him back in the sequel of “Aap Kaa Surroor” and he hits back the silver screen with another big work. Himesh the six-pack man gets back his physique with a lovely attraction for this movie and back with his new movie. In this season, you will catch the love story with Shawn Arranha and with lovely and passionate star cast.

This is about love and Himesh come back with getting Selman’s look for this movie as he not wears a shirt in the trailer. In this movie he is doing a lead role with Farah Karimi and such bold scenes are engaging with the heroine (Farah Karimi).  I think when I have seen the trailer for this movie, this movie is not passed by sensor board and you will see in the trailer the vulgar scenes and Himesh make his chemistry with Farah. However, we just hope that now Hemish delivers his good work to us. This film revolves around the jailbreaks it’s just about the love and betrayal. Himesh will play with a car dealer and the heroine who is new actress Farah Karimi. And you will also see some amazing locales and posh sports cars in this movie. I think for this time Himesh doing a great job and on this time not make disappointed to his fans. This is shot in Dublin and make very stunning visuals and different locations which leave us wonder. Himesh also called this movie is about sex, love and secrecy which is lead by him or heroine and the music of this film is also leave a great impact on the viewers. With the interesting support cast, it makes it more thrilling or excited. But I think you will not expect much more for this movie. However the movie “Teraa Surroor” is showing you the love, hatred, sex and all mysteries of hero’s life.  And for this time he is coming with a different role and the movie is full of action, thrill and love. All songs of this movie are a melodious sad song and tell the emotions of hero who is in misery, love, and betrayal. All songs are touchy and get great respond from their listeners.


Teraa Surroor” is newly Bollywood movie which is full of action and thrill. The storyline has not revealed yet with the trailer or poster we get the idea it is full of thrill and actions.


You can see the trailer of this movie here.

Star Cast:

If we talk about the cast if this movie they have to justice with their role and all stars have a great job in this movie. The cast of this movie is:

  • Himesh Reshammiya
  • Farah Karimi
  • Monica dogra
  • Naseeruddin Shah        
  • Shernaz patel
  • Kabir Bedi
  • Shekhar Kapur    

Produced by

  • Sonia Kapoor        
  • Vipin Reshammiya        

Release date:

A mortal and thrilling Love Story is scheduled to be released on 11, March 2016. So you must go for watching this movie in the cinema.


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