For this time, Manoj Sidheshwari Tewari has directed the movies “Global Baba” which is a spiritual based story. The director of this movie makes it possible for giving you the real entertainment. We also present the review and strong opinion from our side with its Synopsis.

This upcoming movie tells the darkest side of India which informs about the fake saints.  The Bollywood movie is full of the social-satire issue of the religion leaders. This movie revolves around the politics and religion issue which has risen in India. Actually, it demonstrates that how counterfeit saints spoil believes of man and trapped them by giving unrealistic ideas. It tells the story that many fake babas are in India who tell themselves as god and have many followers. The main is to expose the fake babas by showing their real face. Abhimanyu Singh has the main role in Global baba and he is a god man in this film. One iron man (Ravi Kishen) exposed him with his shameful business which he has run in the name of religion. Songs of this movie are not caught the attention of people but even hope for best story. The dialogues of this movie give the funny situation of this film. This picture has the satire with light entertainment. This movie is really interesting and full of entertainment and grips the attention of viewers till the end.  It is also related to politics which disclose the notorious nexus of religion and politics.  This story shows that how simple people have blandly believed on such babas and wants to gain unbeatable powers for any bold g challenge. Such people think that religion is good business for taking as a challenge. But opponents take a chance to uncovered this monster’s real face and secure their religion. The director of this film is hopeful for the successful business by this movie. Now it is interesting to see how they make it public the true face of this massive crowd. It’s just about thrill and excitement with the climax of the story. And we hope you must like the story and trailer of this film.


The very interesting and thrilling story is about the religious superstitions and so-called baba that has many devotees. It also shows how innocent people are trusted with them and have false faiths about their religion.


You will see the thrilling trailer of this movie by clicking here. We hope you like it and get the idea of the story.

Star cast:

If we talk about the cast of this movie all casting play the best role in this movie and do justice with their role and the Director, Manoj Sidheswari Tewari, and producer Vijay Bansal have expected more with it. The star cast is:

Ravi Kishen ………………………………..Jacob

Abhimanyu Shekhar Singh………Chillam pehlwan

Sanjay Mishra……………………..Bhola pundit

Pankaj Tripathi……………………Dmaru

Akhilendra Mishra………………

Sandeepa Dhar…………………………..Bhavana

Release date:

“Global baba” has released on 11th march 2016 and this movie is much expected by its directors or producer.


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