Germaine Mason died on spot
Germaine Mason passed away earlier today in a motorbike accident.

The thirty-four year old athlete Germaine Mason passed away today!

Germaine Mason was born in Jamaica but chose to represent Great Britain as of 2006. He went on to become a silver medalist for Great Britain. His sudden death has come as a shock to his friends, family and his fans.

Germaine Mason passed away earlier today in a motorbike accident.
Germaine Mason passed away earlier today in a motorbike accident. He was headed towards Kingston airport when he met the accident.

How was Germaine Mason killed?

The mighty athlete was killed in a motorbike crash in Jamaica. According to Allen the Senior Superintendent, the athlete was heading towards Kingston airport. The causality took place because the athlete was not wearing a safety helmet. According to the officials the accident took place because he lost control of the bike and high speed lead to his on spot death. Mason has direct impact on his face and upper torso. This might have caused a brain hemorrhage.

Jamaica is mourning the death of Germaine Mason!

The entire country is shocked, this sudden young death has lead us to believe how short life can be. Jamican Prime Minister Andrew Holness expressed condolences to the athlete’s family.

He won the silver medal for Great Britain in 2008. His personal best was 2.53 meters. Mason had a British passport his whole life but decided to make the transition in 2004 after facing a serious knee ligament injury.

The athlete was friends with Usnain Bolt. It was speculated that Usnain Bolt probably accompanied Mason but no words is in for now. Mason was an asset to Jamaica, Great Britain and the who world. It is saddening to see such healthy and young people passing away so soon.

What lesson do we get from the death of the mighty athlete Germaine Mason?

Safety first! While driving please make sure that you have taken care of all necesary safety measures. Spread thrills but it kills. Stay safe and keep your families happy.

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