A mother of a 5-year-old from Mississippi is now warning other parents to check their children for tick paralysis which has left her daughter temporarily paralysed due to a tick bite.

Jessica Griffin has shared a post on Facebook where she wrote how her daughter, Kailyn woke up and could not walk or talk properly. Jessica said in her post, “I was just thinking that her legs were asleep.”

Jessica brushed Kailyn’s hair in order to make a ponytail and noticed that there was a tick in the crown of her head. She then took Kailyn to the Medical Center where the doctors ran a number of blood test and took a CT scan. The test showed that Kailyn had been suffering from tick paralysis, which is a rare disease that is believed to be caused due to tick saliva. The symptoms of the disease usually go away within 24 hours of removing the tick. 

After removing the tick from the head, Jessica placed it in a plastic bag. She uploaded the picture of the bag and her daughter who was admitted in the hospital.

“PLEASE for the love of god check your kids for ticks! It’s more common in children than it is adults! We are being admitted to the hospital for observation and we’re hoping her balance gets straightened out!” she wrote. “Prayers for this baby! Scary is [an] UNDERSTATEMENT! She has been such a champ throughout this whole ordeal!”  

Jessica later posted that Kailyn’s symptoms have resolved and she was soon completely back to normal after treatment.

Apart from tick paralysis, the ticks can cause a number of other heath disease like the Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and the rash illness.

It is advised that the people should immediately seek medical assistance in case of a tick bite causing flu like condition or infection.


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