Mosquito samples collected across New York test positive for the West Nile virus

Many of the mosquito samples collected across New York have tested positive for the West Nile virus.

As per the County Health Department, two of mosquito samples have tested positive for the virus in Onondaga County. One of the positive tested samples was recorded to from Road Belle Isle Road trap located in Geddes while the other positive sample was recorded from Onondaga lake Park.

Two batches were discovered to be infected with the virus in Yonkers in the Westchester County. Till now, around 68 positive cases of West Nile virus have been recorded across New York.

The West Nile virus can be spread across people via mosquito bites but does not spread from person to person. Around one person out of 5 West Nile infected people develops symptoms such as fever among others while around one out of 150 people develop symptoms such as swelling of the brain or the brain tissue, which in certain rare cases, can result in the person dying.

Currently, there are no medications or vaccinations available to treat the virus and the people have endured the WNV earlier are considered to be immune. Most of the WNV infections happen during late summer period and in the early fall.

According to the County health Department, it is best to reduce the exposure to the mosquitoes in order to protect yourself from the virus and other mosquito borne diseases.

Moreover, you should utilize mosquito netting when you sleep outdoors or in a structure which is unscreened and also protect small infants when you take them outdoors. Consider using mosquito repellent, as per the directions mentioned on it, whenever you stay outdoors for extended periods. Wear long sleeved shirt, socks, shoes, long pants when you head outside for long periods or the time when the mosquitoes remain most active.


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