'The Mole Song: Hong Kong Capriccio' Movie Review
'The Mole Song: Hong Kong Capriccio' Movie Review

'The Mole Song: Hong Kong Capriccio' Movie Review

Only followers of the cult Japanese Takashi Miike, is a martial art sword shot of a leaking toilet flask as a weapon. And this is not even the nastiest gags in “The Mole Song: Hong Kong Capriccio” According to fantasia Yakuza “The Mole Song: Undercover Agent Reiji” adapted by the popular Manga Noboru Takahashi. When problems among veterans Yakuza and Chinese invader bands brew, yarn has more than visual exaggeration, more cartoon violence and even less protection for the pride and joy of the Reiji protagonists. Through narrative techniques and verbal spirit of the screenplay Kankuro Kudo (“too young to die”), Kankuro Kudo is also given sophisticated level of emotional rhythm and experts to give the audience a break, at least in the middle area, Hong Kong last station. According to his world at the International Film Festival of Macao premiere, “Mole” in the midnight festival places are buried and slotted small screen.

Since Miike has diversified significantly over the past decade, the question of the pure series “Mole” is closer to Yakuza Roots cult cinema of V cinema (movies Popular right video in the 80s) screen much more bright, and the presence of constellation aware And “serious players” as Tsutumi reduced the rugged machismo genre. Despite colorful characters, sudden twists and vertiginous animated sequences such as gluing, reading and writing the script Kudo and vivid output Kenji Yamashita bring the main course succeeded the course so it is one of the easiest Miike exits to follow.

Preface says turbulent events led to the current situation of Reiji Kikukawa, the cadet most incompetent cop, who was hired for the theft of underwear and reinstated Sukiya-Kai, the most powerful clan of the Japanese Yakuza. If you have not seen the first part (or even if you have), you probably will not catch the drift. There is little. All you need to know is that if Reiji get a helicopter with just a crumpled actually swinging a fig sheet of paper, Miike has significantly increased the ante of an iconic scene in the original, where the police car in the same buff mode of the Time closes to an acceleration. The naked gag for more adventures than a ritual of torture from a barbecue at the camp fire, with the Yakuza re-used as a surrogate discoverer.

In the original version, the crazy whim Reiji command uses his extravagant, but based on the “crazy butterfly” principles Masaya Hiura (Shinichi Tsutumi), which runs back a branch of Seki. Now, the band climb the ladder butterfly the legacy of the great chieftain Shuho Todoroki (Koichi Iwaki, teacher) and to be ordered skull kite an air of Chinese superiority band with a yakuza dishonored return to Seki-back. Another force to look at is the main Kabuto (Eita), rising star of the police during a crusade against moles and doves.

The most beautiful parts, however, remain the lack of Reiji and sexual disappointment, even though the performance of Ikuta hyperventilation as someone tied an electric shocker into his pants. (Tsubasa Honda), 19, whose seemingly a sadist hides a heavy edge when aggressive commandments lose her virginity to him . Of course, all this can not resist being in a car in two animated scenes on a couch and massage results. But it has its roots for him because he is not a hypocrite in his lustful impulses. And his current romance with the tutor traffic dweeby Junna (Riisa Naka) is surprising to touch.

While comets strengthen their campaign against Seki-ya, a trip to Hong Kong was clearly on the cards, but there is a long wait for Miike to start rumors, because “the price of the registration fee a fierce duel vampire irresistibly delicious Hu Fen (Nanao) In which the bottle of toilet paper initially plays a true sense of the word genius.

Hong Kong, Chinoiserie his longing for “Crazy Cats go to Hong Kong”, the inhabitants of the city and down language or Mandarin Chinese gibberish, what happened is done in Cantonese. Miike has also given up her personal seals and extravagant details of the terrible violence here for big glasses of live action, but more general. However, energy zappy is widespread, and everyone can see the shocking end of a genius or a madman.

Mainly based on sound designer production of design and decoration of Yuji Hayashida Akira Sakamoto The use of movies games color and light units in which we can not say that reminds of a daily world of Fantasy Island. Maeda suit tomb of Yuya with the occupation as the best performance in high piece numbers with a theme of butterflies insects, butterflies and lizard closet. Koji Endo-Score is a sticky eclectic mixture of jazz and rock, pop, traditional Japanese and almost the title “Mole Song”.