Mithali Raj the Epitome of coolness!

It was 2004 when Mithali Raj turns into the youngest captain of the Indian cricket team ever. Ever since then, she has directed the team in over 100 matches, mostly by an Indian woman.

She has managed the team to three Asia Cup wins in between 2005 and 2008, managed the team India to their best run in the World Cup i.e. runners-up in 2005, and also help the side to their first Test and series success in England.

It was an average of 51.80 in 180 matches; Mithali is among the five ladies with an average beyond 50. What makes this number more extraordinary is the point that women’s match is extremely impulsive and there aren’t many of games or series played in any case. “Form” isn’t far of an issue as there could be a break of six months earlier to the next match.

India is a country passionate about cricket, but here the women’s match is hardly watched outside cricketing groups, Mithali Raj’s extraordinary reliability and influence to Indian cricket beyond the last two decades is nearly phenomenal.

In current ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup in England, everyone was eyeing on Mithali Raj as she nearer to break another world record i.e. maximum run-scorer in women’s one-day internationals. She earned 5,301 runs, Mithali is only 33 runs behindhand England’s Charlotte Edwards having a record of 5,992 runs. In all possibility, Mithali will stamp the pact in India’s next game contrary to South Africa on July 8 hopefully.

In India’s initial game alongside England, Mithali Raj scored 71 runs, and in the procedure, jagged up many proceedings this was her seventh repeated 50, it was the best by any woman player in ODIs. Mithali Raj, with having 47 fifties also became the cricketer with maximum fifties to her label.

In one of the matches against England, Mithali Raj was the personification of calmness. Earlier coming on to play a match-winning hit of 71 runs, the Indian team captain was coolly waiting for her batting by reading a book seemingly on Rumi, at the pastimes.

Mithali Raj says: “This will be my last one-day World Cup. In all practicality, I won’t be a part of the squad in four years. I still have a couple of years in international cricket.”

At a press event, Mithali Raj was inquire by a journalist who her favorite “male” cricketer was? Replied Mithali Raj “Not one to hold back”, the Indian captain responded back: “Do you ask the same question to a male cricketer? Do you ask them who their favorite women cricketer is? I have always been inquire who your favorite cricketer is, but you should ask them who their favorite women cricketer is.”

This made her too many bouquets and criticisms on social media and in another place. Struggling a chauvinist and dispirit system and media, Mithali Raj is certainly presenting an example for women in India.

It will be an appropriate climax in a dazzling career, but Mithali Raj, in her trait “Captain Cool” style adds

“Usually people say it’s your last World Cup, so you should end on a high. I don’t believe in that. It’s an opportunity for me to be myself, express myself, and enjoy the kind of experience the World Cup carries. I probably won’t be a part of it in the next edition. I will try to enjoy it as much as I can and carry a lot of memories – good or bad, it doesn’t matter to me.”