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Another game will be released on May, 24, 2016, that will take Mirror’s Edge theme further ahead. Despite taking all the grounds of Mirror’s Edge, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst introduces some new features and eliminated some previous ones. The features that this new introduction eliminates are free running capabilities. Now in new game you cannot skill-roll or quick-turn. This reduction in abilities has attracted much criticism from gamers. Some fans of the series say they do not approve developer’s new decision of not bringing forward core movement abilities from the first game. However, Jeremy Miller, the DICE’s senior producer argues that departure was made to help fans get a better understanding of different ways of navigation of Faith, through Glass city.

For First Mirror’s edge game, fans showed a mixed opinion. This commercially unsuccessful curio is now improved for good and is now ready to be released on 24th of coming month. Last game had many positive features. For example its empowerment that was accompanied by play-acting a parkour grand master at curious conditions, courage of the main character, excitement of free movements. And there were much negativity attached to it. The story was not well though or intelligent, and the instinct were not up to standard. However, the new game is destined to take on its previous successes while eliminating the points of flaws. The game, which is to be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox one and Pc, is long awaited because of its technical improvement and small bit of improved vision development.

The new game has completely eliminated gun play. This could be hazardous for an RPG platform. However, the developers are sure that it wouldn’t be bad for games attraction, as the game is already providing enough engagement in the form of speed. Faith’s movements will cater lack of armed combat in the game. You can attack while you are running in full-pelt; such a move will make a haymaker roundhouse kick. And if you attack in mid-jump, you will trigger a pounce maneuver using the enemy as a landing cushion.

At moments in the game, when Faith is sliding across rooftops, you can send an attack command; this will make the character move towards enemy’s kneecaps. At the same time, slowness is a punishable offense. The producer has passively discouraged the gamer from fighting standing fights by making them graceless and not-so-enjoyable.

The scenes are beautiful. If you like to spare a moment to look at the scenery instead of playing what is an all-time-engaging game, and then you would find that the scenes are as captivating as those were of its first part. The city is glass-like with its sandblasted concrete billboards, skyscrapers and lack of anomalies.

The character encourages you to gradually increase your speed. Enhancing your momentum takes you soon in a state that will make you invulnerable to bullets. The only demand this game puts on the gamer is to e speedy. You will find many hints appearing on the screen that will be encouraging you to keep going.


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