Minecraft Boss Update
(Image: minecraftboss)

As for October 2016, the Minecraft Boss Update Release Date being just few weeks away, fans have also been enlightened on what the new Boss Update will be bringing along with it. According to Mojang, the new update will be gracing players with the all new Boss Battles, new add-ons, some fresh input options and more.

Mojang has mentioned that the add-ons that will come with the Minecraft Boss Update Release Date will definitely give players the chance to experiment with their character and the elements of the game. Since the files of the game, namely the text files can be modified by the user to make adjustments as they see fit. Players also have the option to utilize JSON to tweak various elements of the game, such as how the mobs look like, as well as the animals in the game.

According to Phone Arena, the Minecraft Boss Update Release Date which was first talked about at E3 2016 will be available on Windows 10 Edition Beta, Gear VR Edition and also on Android and iOS via the Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Some of the new Add-ons that will be coming with the Minecraft Boss Update Release Date is the new Castle Siege add-on and an Alien Invasion add-on. It is also stated that all add-ons from the previous versions of the game should still work without any problem.

Lastly, the Minecraft Boss Update Release Date also comes with information that the new input options will let players choose their preferred controller. Users can even use the Xbox Wireless Controller via Bluetooth and in the future an input option to support the Oculus Touch for those players who are all for VR.

Players can be expected more tweaks and bonus features when the Minecraft Boss Update Release Date arrives on October 18.


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