Mike O’Hearn is known for having an incredible physique and insanely massive muscles. At the same time, the sportsman became popular telling his fans that building a body like that is possible without steroids and other sports medicine that can be harmful to one’s health.

Mike says that he is able to get such body due to a great combination of genes that he inherited and a healthy balanced diet he keeps almost all his life.

O’Hearn has taken part in several professional bodybuilding competitions. However, his fame is a result of participating in some popular shows like ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”.

It looks like the world of bodybuilding is going to have another great bodybuilder with incredible genetics soon. Mike shared great news with his Instagram subscribers, showing the first photo and video of his newborn son.

The little boy feels good. Mike also revealed the name of his baby. He called his son Titan and showed his first triceps training. Fans of the sportsman loved the news and the humor of the bodybuilder and wished the baby boy to grow as huge and talented as his father is.

Unlike like many celebrities, Mike decided not to hide the face of his son. Fans and followers of O’Hearn appreciated the opportunity to be among first who knew the good news. The first post about Titan’s birth has already gathered almost 1.5 views and more than 70 000 likes.


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