Mike O’Hearn Didn’t Notice Edge Of a Stage During Guest Posing

Most people imagine popular bodybuilders as powerful super-humans who never make mistakes and always know what to do. However, no matter how successful you become, you are only a human and you need supplements, such as those that make your veins pop hugely

Mike O’Hearn proved this fact when he accidentally fell off the stage during his recent guest posing performance last weekend. Guests of the event and Mike’s fans were shocked and worried when they saw the bodybuilding celebrity falling down.

Despite some minor injuries, O’Hearn stood up and came back to the stage to continue his performance. While the unfortunate accident scared members of the sportsman’s team, he assured everyone that he was just fine and proved he’s not the one who gives up easily.

In order to stop any rumors, Mike decided to comment on the accident lately after the show. He said that he became excited during his performance and simply didn’t notice the edge of a stage. The bodybuilder assured his fans that he felt ok and got no injuries.

The popular bodybuilding enthusiast told he was not going to worry about what had happened that evening. “Life is great. It will knock you down and keep you humble.”, – he said with a smile. O’Hearn advised his fans to pay less attention to some negative situations that may happen in everyone’s life and concentrate on the final goals.

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