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It’s decided by Microsoft that they would open-source a platform used by its researchers in order to test artificial projects.

The Platform is known as, AIX which is already in use of Microsoft Research and is available under a private beta to select academic researchers, enables researchers to utilize the unstructured play in the Minecraft game as a testing ground for their Al research.

The platform AIX would also be made available this summer under an open-source license.

The announcement regarding this has come at a time when Google deepMind is grabbing attention for the Go games being played by its Al program AlphaGo with a key Go player Lee Se-dol.

From the 5 games match AlphaGo won three straight games in Seoul but on Sunday lost to Lee.

However, Microsoft is focused with AIX on projects that indulge general intelligence, which it claims is more similar to the nuanced and complex way humans learn and make decisions.

Presently, computers have come to a point where complicated tasks like understanding and translating speech, acknowledging images and writing captions for them is pretty easy.

Allison Linn a senior writer at Microsoft wrote in a post on the Microsoft blog Sunday.

“A computer algorithm may be able to take one task and do it as well or even better than an average adult, but it can’t compete with how an infant is taking in all sorts of inputs – light, smell, touch, sound, discomfort – and learning that if you cry chances are good that Mom will feed you,” wrote by Linn.

The researchers of artificial intelligence have been able to develop tools, like acknowledging words for example, but are unable to combine these skills effortlessly as humans do, Linn said.

Researchers who’re trying and attempting to make a robot learn climbing a hill would have to repair or replace it every time it falls into a river.

In New York, five computer experts or scientist at a Microsoft Research lab are doing that in a less expensive way. They’re trying to make a Minecraft character climb a hill.

Microsoft has acquired Mojand. He was the developer of Minecraft in 2014.

Microsoft revealed the new platform that harnesses the power of Minecraft to expedite artificial intelligence (AI) development.

Choosing video games in order to advance the research in artificial intelligence is not a new thing. Minecraft, on the other hand, is ideally suited to the task because of diverse opportunities and possibilities the game affords.

To test and advance artificial intelligence games are not only the best medium but a smart way of generating revenues as well.

The platform “AIX” which is developed by Microsoft’s lab in Cambridge, U.K comprises of a “mod” for the Java version and a code which assists artificial intelligence agent’s act and sense within the Minecraft environment, according to Linn.

Both components can be operated through Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Moreover, the researchers can use any programming language to program their agents.


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