Microsoft Surface Pro 5
(Credits : Youtube)

The Windows 10 event that will be held in New York is a few days away and does this mark the release of the Microsoft Surface Pro 5? Along with Redstone 2 also known as the Windows 10 major update. According to WindowsCentral, the Microsoft October event might mean the launch date for the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 that will definitely improve the device and possibly fix the ongoing battery drain issue plaguing the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. It is also known that the shipment for Redstone 2 might be in Spring 2017, the October event will reveal more details about Redstone 2.

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Many fans are waiting patiently for the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 and are hoping that it will launch on October 26. Moreover, there is also a speculation that Microsoft may launch the Surface-all-in-one PC during the same event. Another expected reveal is that of the Intel Kaby Lake processor as per TechReport. The battery efficiency of the chip may be further explained. Details about the Windows 10 may also be featured in the event, and if that is so, the possibility that the event will also elaborate on Virtual Reality gaming.

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There was a rumor floating about online that the new Surface Pro 5 will have a 2K model and a 4K model as well, hopefully, more light will be shed on this topic during the event as well and more details on what the future holds for the Surface Book 2 and the Surface Phone. With all these hanging in the balance, fans excitedly await the big October 26 Event.


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